Hi !

Thanks for this excellent page.

But you have to correct in it at least two elements.

FIRST, this phrase (quote):

"(Helen Pier) St Bruno, Carthusians 1744 (the saint is shown theatrically rejecting the Papacy)"

This is a wrong information, a mistake : St Bruno never rejects the Papacy. He has never been asked to become Pope.

St Bruno, indeed, rejects to be comme a bishop. He just rejects, by extreme humility, the Episcopate, feeling himself unworthy for such an office.

So please, correct this mistake.

SECOND, this phrase (quote):

"Also in this chapel is the neo-classical memorial of Pope Pius VII, made in 1823 by the Danish sculptor Thorvaldsen. He is claimed to have been the only Protestant artist with work in the church. The monument is unusually ornate for the style, and shows the pope seated on a throne and looking very intense. He is above a side door to the Choir Chapel. Flanking this door is a pair of allegorical figures of Wisdom and Fortitude."

This is not only the memorial, but, also, the tomb, the grave of Pope Pius VII.

And the closed door under his statue is not a "side door" to the Choir Chapel, but the very door of his grave, where is his coffin.

So please, correct this mistake.

Thank you. 08:33, March 30, 2019 (UTC)Jean Alouf82.255.149.135 08:33, March 30, 2019 (UTC)

Done, thanks.

Please feel free to add your own corrections. Basilwatkinsosb (talk) 10:46, March 31, 2019 (UTC)

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