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17:01, May 27, 2020Minecraft.jpg (file)164 KBCo2g4mer 
16:59, May 27, 2020Dwayne.jpg (file)6 KBCo2g4mer 
16:56, May 27, 2020Muslim gigchad.jpg (file)5 KBCo2g4mer 
16:56, May 27, 2020Download.jpg (file)6 KBCo2g4mer 
16:48, July 9, 2019Santo Volto di Gesu.png (file)4.7 MBTrudie Mullins 
18:59, July 8, 2019Santissimo Trinità dei Monti.png (file)258 KBTrudie Mullins 
18:51, July 8, 2019San Tommaso.png (file)517 KBTrudie Mullins 
18:40, July 8, 2019San Paolo e le Tre Fontane.png (file)571 KBTrudie Mullins 
17:50, July 8, 2019Sant'Urbano alla Caffarella.png (file)264 KBTrudie Mullins 
17:21, July 8, 2019Santissima Trinita dei Pellegrini.png (file)120 KBTrudie Mullins 
17:14, July 8, 2019San Vitale.png (file)223 KBTrudie Mullins 
17:07, July 8, 2019San Teodoro.png (file)555 KBTrudie Mullins 
18:02, July 3, 2019San Martino ai Monti.png (file)2.6 MBTrudie Mullins 
16:49, July 3, 2019Santo Stefano Rotondo.png (file)870 KBTrudie Mullins 
16:41, July 3, 2019S. Silvestro in Capite.png (file)848 KBTrudie Mullins 
15:50, July 3, 2019Santo Spirito in Sassia.png (file)758 KB9trudiemullins9 
15:48, July 3, 2019Sacre stimmate di San Francesco a Roma.png (file)2.51 MB9trudiemullins9 
15:48, July 3, 2019Sacre stimmate di San Francesco.pdf (file)2.84 MB9trudiemullins9 
18:07, July 2, 2019Santa Rosalia.png (file)921 KBTrudie Mullins 
17:54, July 2, 2019Santa Rosa da Viterbo.png (file)552 KBTrudie Mullins 
17:36, July 2, 2019San Rocco.png (file)862 KBTrudie Mullins 
17:35, July 2, 2019San Paolo Fuori le Mura.png (file)6.46 MBTrudie Mullins 
17:32, July 2, 2019Saint Peters.png (file)105 KBTrudie Mullins 
18:49, July 1, 2019San Roberto Bellarmino.png (file)1.77 MBTrudie Mullins 
18:26, July 1, 2019San Pietro in Montorio.png (file)2.98 MBTrudie Mullins 
16:46, July 1, 2019San Paolo alle Tre Fontane.png (file)1.02 MBTrudie Mullins 
14:01, July 1, 2019Nostra Signora del Santissimo Sacramento e i Martiri Canadesi.png (file)1.24 MB9trudiemullins9 
12:29, July 1, 2019Santi Bartolomeo ed Alessandro dei Bergamaschi.png (file)182 KBTrudie Mullins 
17:49, June 28, 2019Ss. Quirico e Giulitta.png (file)1.29 MBTrudie Mullins 
17:44, June 28, 2019Santi Quattro Coronati.png (file)1.66 MBTrudie Mullins 
17:38, June 28, 2019S. Pasquale Baylon.png (file)197 KBTrudie Mullins 
17:21, June 28, 2019San Paolo alla Regola.png (file)235 KBTrudie Mullins 
17:16, June 28, 2019Pantheon (Santa Maria ad Martyres).png (file)4.27 MBTrudie Mullins 
15:58, June 28, 2019Santa Pvdenziana.png (file)496 KB9trudiemullins9 
15:13, June 28, 2019Catacombe di Priscilla.png (file)1.88 MB9trudiemullins9 
13:44, June 28, 2019Santa Prassede.png (file)272 KB9trudiemullins9 
13:37, June 28, 2019San Pietro in Vincoli.png (file)1.77 MB9trudiemullins9 
13:11, June 28, 2019San Giuseppe dei Falegnami.png (file)940 KB9trudiemullins9 
19:24, June 27, 2019San Pantaleo.png (file)941 KBTrudie Mullins 
19:09, June 27, 2019San Pancrazio.png (file)1.48 MBTrudie Mullins 
12:22, June 26, 2019Nostra Signora del Sacro Cuore a Piazza Navona.png (file)1.93 MBTrudie Mullins 
19:43, June 25, 2019L'Oratorio del SS Mo Crocifisso.png (file)75 KBTrudie Mullins 
18:45, June 25, 2019Oratio del Gonfalone.png (file)321 KBTrudie Mullins 
18:28, June 25, 2019SS Nome di Maria-1.png (file)1.09 MBTrudie Mullins 
18:26, June 25, 2019SS Nome di Maria-0.png (file)1.02 MBTrudie Mullins 
18:24, June 25, 2019SS Nome di Maria.png (file)947 KBTrudie Mullins 
18:08, June 25, 2019San Nicola in Carcere.png (file)1.54 MBTrudie Mullins 
18:01, June 25, 2019San Nicola dei Prefetti.png (file)590 KBTrudie Mullins 
17:55, June 25, 2019Saint Nicola da Tolentino.png (file)1.82 MBTrudie Mullins 
17:36, June 25, 2019San Michele a Ripa Grande.png (file)640 KBTrudie Mullins 

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