Santo Spirito delle Monache Canonichesse is a mid 20th century public dependent chapel of the parish of Santi Simone e Giuda Taddeo a Torre Angela , and is located at Via di Torrenova 255 in the north of the suburb of Torre Angela.

The dedication is to the Holy Spirit.

History Edit

It is the monastic chapel of a community of Augustinian Canonesses of the Lateran, and is the direct descendent of the lost church of Santo Spirito ai Monti.

The monastery was built in the mid 20th century, on a large plot of land. It is surrounded by gardens.

Appearance Edit

The chapel is part of the convent building, and has no independent identity.

The monastery has a main wing of three storeys, and a subsidiary wing at each end at right angles. It lacks architectural interest.

Look for an enormous mural of Christ on a blank wall of the convent facing the gateway, with the epigraph Io sono via verita e vita. There is a little campanile perched on the roof above this, in the form of a square kiosk with a tiled pyramidal cap and a round-headed soundhole on each side.

Liturgy Edit

According to the Diocese (July 2018), public Masses are celebrated at weekdays at 7:45, and on Sundays and Solemnities at 10:00 (8:30 in summer).

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