Santissimo Sacramento e Beata Vergine del Rosario delle Domenicane is an earlier 20th century Fascist-era convent chapel at Via Massimi 114/B in the Trionfale quarter.

The joint dedication of the convent is to the Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin Mary under her title of "Our Lady of the Rosary".

History Edit

The "Dominican Sisters of St Catherine of Siena" (Suore Domenicane di Santa Caterina da Siena, in the original French Sœurs dominicaines de Sainte Catherine de Sienne) were founded at Albi in France in 1852 as part of the Dominican family of religious. This is only one of a surprising number of Dominican active sisterhoods founded in France after the destruction of Church institutions during the French Revolution.

The congregation received a papal decree of praise in 1901, after establishing missionary outreaches, and definitive papal approval in 1909. The Generalate (headquarters) was moved to Rome, and established in a town house at Via degli Artisti 17. However, the sisters had resources enough to build a huge convent on what was then a country site, to serve as a noviciate for the congregation.

The architect was Giuseppe Breccia Fratadocchi, and the project was completed in 1934.

The complex still has a rural ambience, in a pocket of surviving countryside. It is up a very long driveway from the street, which is shared with the Loyola University campus.

There is now a small residential care home here, with twelve beds. The Diocese lists eight sisters resident or formerly resident in Rome in 2019, so continuing to administer two convents here is liable to be a problem.

Appearance Edit

This is a large and rather ugly convent in a pale orange render, the main block being L-shaped and of five storeys. A rectangular cloister fits into the angle of the L, with arcades on two sides. The third side is occupied by the large chapel, which stands over a ground-level crypt area including the cloister arcade on that (the left) side and another covered arcaded walkway on the other side.

The frontage abuts the main convent building. The plan is basilical, involving a central nave of five bays with five unadorned vertical rectangular windows down each side and a flat roof with a low parapet. A lower and narrower sanctuary bay has a five-sided apse, of the same width and under the same roof. The side aisle roofs are singly pitched and tiled, and join via a sacristy area behind the apse.

A little campanile perches on the right hand end of the far wall of this sacristy, having two round-headed bell openings side by side and an overhanging tiled gabled cap with a ridge-line parallel to the wall.

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