Santissimo Cuore di Maria was a 19th century convent chapel in Via Palermo, which is in the rione Monti.

The dedication was to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Mariano Armellini was enthusiastic about this chapel in his 1891 book on Roman churches. He describes it as una graziosissima cappella in the second storey of a convent and girls' school built for the Dame del Sacro Cuore di Maria by the architect Vincenzo De Rossi-Re. The style was Gothic "to the smallest detail", with stained glass, statues of various saints and a main altar of precious marble also in the Gothic style. The decorations were by Giovanni Capranesi.

The construction seems to have been in the early 1880's, since the architect died in 1888. There is no trace of the convent in Via Palermo now, and it is not clear where it used to be on that street. "Info.roma" knows nothing about it and none of the present buildings show Gothic windows, so presumably it has been demolished.

If the Dame del Sacro Cuore are the same as the present Figlie del Cuore di Maria, they now have a school at Via delle Sette Chiese 127.

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Armellini, p. 189

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