Santi Nicola e Bernardino a Casale del Malborghetto is an 18th century dependent public chapel of the parish of Santi Urbano e Lorenzo a Prima Porta and is located on the Via Barlassina, in a rural location called Malborghetto off the Via Flaminia.

The joint dedication is to St Nicholas of Myra and St Bernardine.

History Edit

The chapel stands next to a fortified mediaeval farmhouse converted from an ancient Roman triumphal arch, the Arch of Malborghetto. Its date of foundation is unknown, but the Casale is known to have existed in the 13th century.

The present edifice was built in 1744, using older materials. There was a major restoration in 1947, involving the rebuilding of the façade.

When the old section of the Via Flaminia was bypassed here, the stretch on which the chapel stands was renamed the Via Barlassina.

This chapel has the distinction of being the northernmost public place of worship in Rome.

Appearance Edit

The tiny chapel is just to the south of the Arco, and is joined to it by a garden wall. The low gabled frontage has a door with a stone doorcase flanked by a pair of windows with stone sills. There is a round window in the gable. The walls are rendered in a dull orange.

The door-case and sills are re-used lengths of ancient marble cornice. The right hand window-sill came from a tomb, and has a 2nd century inscription transcribed as: ~irruntius il. hilario eoe. X ann. XXXX.

The campanile or bell-cote is actually on the roof of the Arco.

Liturgy Edit

Mass is celebrated here on Sundays and Solemnities (only) at 10:00 (parish website, July 2018).

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