Santi Martiri Coreani is a late 20th century collegiate and national church at Via degli Aldobrandeschi 124, in the west of the Gianicolense suburban district.

The dedication is to the Martyrs of Korea.


This is the Korean national church in Rome, and is attached to the Pontifical Korean College.


The church was completed with the college in 2002.


This is a low octagonal building, with the corners of the octagon chamfered (strictly speaking, this makes it an irregular hexadecagon). 

Each long side features a blank wall in pink brick, with a strip of horizontal rectangular windows under the roofline and above a white cornice. Each chamfered corner features either a large rectangular window, or an entrance door in the same clear glass. These are flanked by a pair of pilaster buttresses in the same style as the walls.

The roof has a very slight slope, and is in eight sectors roofed in red composite which meet at a conical glass skylight.

The interior is apparently very simply decorated, and is all in white.


The college is south of the Via Aurelia, and next to the Aurelia train station. Bus number 892 from the Baldo degli Ubaldi metro station on the Linea A stop here also.


Mass is celebrated on Sundays at 10:30, according to "Baobab" (July 2018).

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