Santi Cirillo e Metodio a Villaggio Appio is a late 20th century public chapel at Via Pellaro 24, in the new suburb of Villaggio Appio. This is in the Capannelle suburban zone.

The dedication is to SS Cyril and Methodius.

History Edit

The new suburban zone of Villaggio Appio began to be laid out in the late 1980's, and in response the parish of Santa Barbara alle Capannelle opened a Mass centre here.

It is very close as the crow flies to the parish's other public chapel, Sant’Antonio da Padova alle Capannelle, but there is no direct route between the two. Sant'Antonio serves the old hamlet of Capanelle.

There seem to be no formal plans in place yet to build a permanent church for this suburb.

Appearance Edit

The chapel is in a stand-alone low-rise block hiding up an anonymous cul-de-sac on the north side of the Via Pellaro. This has two shop premises on its ground floor, and is clad in mirrored black glass above.

The chapel is in the left hand shop. There is no sign that this is a place of worship apart from the fascia notice.

Liturgy Edit

Mass is celebrated on Sundays and Solemnities at 11:00, except for July and August.

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