Santa Restituta al Casale del Cavaliere is a 17th century farmstead chapel at Via del Casale del Cavaliere in the Settecamini zone. The street is the farm's driveway, off the Via della Tenuta del Cavaliere.

The dedication is to St Restituta.

Beware of confusion with San Pietro Apostolo al Castello di Lunghezza, which is nearby.

History Edit

The Casale del Cavaliere is almost certainly on the site of an ancient Roman villa, as remains of a high-status bath-house have been found adjacent to it. However, the extant complex contains early 14th century fabric and is thought to have been built then by the family whose name it bears.

In 1607 the farm buildings were upgraded by the last secular owner, Ottavio Cavaliere, who then sold the estate to the Hospitaller Brothers of St John of God (in Italian nicknamed Fatebenefratelli). These had not long been in existence, and at Rome were based at San Giovanni Calibita. They continued the renovation, and re-dedicated the chapel to their founder St John of God.

In 1804 the property passed to the Hospital of Santo Spirito in Rome as part of a reform of the city's health-care facilities enforced by the French occupying government. It remained as a working farm estate, part of the property portfolio of the city's hospital service, until 1978 when it was transferred to the city itself (Commune).

For some reason the dedication of the chapel was changed to Santa Restituta in the early 20th century.

This remains a working farm, although much of the land to the north has been developed for commercial and industrial purposes. No public liturgical activity seems to have occurred in the chapel for some time.

Appearance Edit

The complex looks 17th century. It is arranged around three sides of a narrow rectangular courtyard, with a gateway in the fourth side. The frontage to the left of the gateway contains an attractive under-storey arcade of three arches.

Apparently the far side of the courtyard from the gate has an aedicule with a fresco of the Madonna and Child, and the chapel is in the range on the right of the courtyard. A little campanile or bell-cote is perched on the roof of the large and irregular block to the left.

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