Santa Maria della Speranza a Pratolungo is a public chapel at Via Urzulei 24 in Lago Regillo. This is a small self-contained suburb to the east of Finocchio, in the Borghesiana district.

Name Edit

The dedication is to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under her title of "Our Lady of Hope".

The locality is named after a lost ancient lake called Lacus Regillus, the site of a battle in the city's early days, which might (or might not) have been in the vicinity. However, an alternative name for the area is Pratolungo which derives from a local watercourse. The parish and Diocese prefer this name (the latter refers to the chapel as Cappella Località Pratolungo on its website).

History Edit

The neighbourhood arose from illegally sub-divided farmland which became an unplanned suburb in the Sixties. There was a lot of this sort of thing in the locality at the time. In response, the parish of Santa Maria della Fiducia opened several chapels-of-ease of which this is one.

Appearance Edit

The chapel, unlike many public dependent chapels run by suburban parishes, amounts to a small church.

It is straightforward, long rectangular brick building rendered in a cream colour, and with a pitched and tiled roof. The first two bays have a pair of vertical rectangular windows high up in each side wall. The third bay includes the sanctuary. It has a side entrance to the right, and an external sacristy appended to the left. Behind the chapel is appended an ancillary block.

On the roof near the front left hand corner is a frame campanile in wood (?), comprising two stacked cubes containing a single bell. There is a steep pyramidal cap, with eaves that flare out at a gentler angle.

There is a large gabled porch canopy occupying the width of its façade, with the slopes of its roof matching the main roofline. This is supported by a pair of rough-cut tree-trunks. Over the entrance is an icon of Our Lady, and the spandrels of the round-headed doorway are painted with a pair of angels.

Liturgy Edit

According to the parish website (June 2018), Mass is celebrated on Fridays at 18:00, and Sundays and Solemnities at 11:00.

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