Santa Maria della Concezione delle Viperesche is the 17th century church of a former convent of oblate nuns on the north side of Via San Vito, west of the Arch of Gallienus and very near Santi Vito e Modesto in the rione Esquilino.

It is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary under her title of the Immaculate Conception.


The convent had been established by one Livia Vipereschi in 1668, hence the strange name. It was attached to a college for poor girls and orphans, which survived the suppression of convents in the city in 1873 but was closed in the late 20th century.

The foundation was originally for a female lay confraternity, but this quickly became a new sisterhood of Carmelite Oblate Tertiaries.

The premises are now occupied by a new female religious society known as the Pie Discepole del Redentore, which runs the premises as a university hostel.


This church is very small, on a simple rectangular plan. It forms part of the main convent building.

There is a small rectangular façade framed by two thin square Doric pilasters supporting a protruding architrave. There was a vertical rectangular window either side of the door, and a horizontal one above. Between this and the door lintel was an oval tondo containing a representation of Our Lady. The façade survives, although the picture does not. The Pie Discepole have placed a modern ceramic depiction of the Immaculate Conception in the tondo as a replacement, and this has the date 1909.

A 19th century depiction of the Immaculate Conception survives as the altarpiece.

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