Santa Maria della Concezione alla Lungara was an 18th century convent church, now demolished, on the east side of the Via della Lungara in Trastevere.

The dedication was to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under her aspect of the Immaculate Conception.

History Edit

A community of Camaldolese tertiary nuns was founded in 1722, dependent on the Camaldolese monastery of San Gregorio Magno al Celio (not the monastery just to the north on the Lungara at San Leonardo dei Camaldolesi, which belonged to a separate Camaldolese congregation).

The nuns settled in their convent on the Lungara in 1726. The site has been suggested as having once been that of a church called San Stefano in Rapigranu.

The Nolli map of 1748 shows a small convent with a tiny rectangular church. Apparently the church was originally dedicated to St Bruno, but by the time of the map was dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. (This was because the foundress, Mother Maria Angela Pezza, was clothed in the habit on this feast-day.)

The community ran a small school for girls in order to support themselves, and in 1740 were granted Papal enclosure. However the site by the river was very cramped, so the nuns moved to Sant'Antonio Abate all'Esquilino in 1778. They remained there until they were expropriated in 1871, whereupon they settled at Sant'Antonio Abate all'Aventino in 1878. Here they remain.

The church of the original convent was deconsecrated when the nuns moved, in 1778.

Location Edit

The site of the convent is now under the road connection between the Lungotevere Farnesina and the Via della Lungara.

The church was opposite the doorway of the present number 28, where there is now a flight of stairs behind a scooter park.

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