Santa Maria Mater Ecclesiae a Viale Vaticano is a 20th century convent church at Viale Vaticano 62, just north of the western corner of Vatican City. This is in the Trionfale quarter.

The dedication is to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under her title of Mother of the Church.


The convent belongs to the Sisters of the Church (Figlie della Chiesa) and is the Generalate of their congregation. It was completed in 1952.

It is regarded by the Diocese as a church, and not as a private chapel.


The convent is a white four-storey edifice below the road level, and facing the Vatican walls. It would be unremarkable, except for the central portion. This has four square pillars without capitals forming an entrance portico and supporting a balcony, then above that four elongated arches supporting the projecting gable end of the church. There is no decoration, just a blank white wall above the arcade up to the gable roofline.


The interior has a central nave with side aisles, high and narrow in white. It was completed in 1952. The narrow and tall sanctuary has a highly elongated arch in black outline on its back wall, enclosing a sepia depiction of the risen Christ. A bronze crucifix is on the tabernacle below.

The metalwork in wrought iron is by Toni Benetton in 1950, and his naturalistic rendering of vines is very good. He worked under the guidance of Mother Maria Oliva Bonaldo, the foundress of the congregation who is buried here and whose cause for beatification is progressing.

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