Santa Maria Immacolata di Monte del Gallo is a mid 20th century convent chapel located at Via di Monte del Gallo 105, just south of Vatican City near the San Pietro train station. This is in the Aurelio quarter.

The dedication is to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under her aspect of the Immaculate Conception.

History Edit

The Franciscan Sisters of the Atonement had been founded at Garrison in New York State, USA in 1898. They were originally Anglican, but were received into the Roman Catholic Church in 1909.

In the early Fifties they built this large convent near Vatican City, as their Roman headquarters. In Italy they became known as the Suore Francescane dell’Espiazione Atonement, because of a wish to keep the English form of their title.

Unfortunately, the usual problem with lack of vocations constrained the congregation to shut down the convent at the start of the 21st century, and in fact the sisters no longer have any presence in Rome.

The premises were bought by the Silenziosi Operai della Croce, also known as the Opera Beato Luigi Novarese. This is a pious society open to clergy and laity, aimed at encouraging the active participation of sick people in evangelical and pastoral works. The convent is now the administrative headquarters.

The chapel is in the parish of San Gregorio Settimo, but is not a public liturgical centre.

Appearance Edit

The chapel amounts to a full-sized church edifice, with its own architectural identity but part of the overall convent complex which is a compact but rather messy structure of several conjoined architectural units.

There is a single nave of six bays. The left hand side wall is exposed, and the further five bays have a round-headed window each. The right hand side wall abuts the convent. The walls are rendered in a pale pink, and the roof is pitched and tiled.

The church stands over a crypt, and so the entrance is accessed from the street via a rather long staircase. The entrance bay contains an open loggia, entered via three equal-sized arched portals. The arches lack imposts or any decoration. Above the loggia is a large round window in a recessed frame of two steps. There are no other features on the façade.

A small annexe is attached to the near left hand side of the nave, and the loggia is continued into this with a fourth arch. Its frontage is melded with that of the main façade, with a sloping roofline.

A campanile stands on the convent to the right of the façade, having two round-headed apertures side by side.

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