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Santa Maria Immacolata a Via Laurentina is a 20th century convent church at Via Laurentina 450, at the north-east corner of the EUR quarter and just north of the Laurentina metro station.

The dedication is to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under her aspect of the Immaculate Conception.


The church belongs to the Conventual Franciscans, who have a Conservatorio there for their Roman province.

The architect of the complex was Arnaldo Foschini, and it was completed in 1958.


The edifice is in a rather stark, vaguely neo-Romanesque style built in red brick on a long rectangular plan parallel to the road. The roof is pitched shallowly and tiled, and there is a row of large rectangular windows below the eaves having matching geometric stone fenestration. There is a narrow string course connecting the bottoms of these windows. Otherwise, the red brick is undecorated.

2011 Franciscan conventual curia.jpg

There is a prominent campanile attached to the roadside frontage with a steep pyramidal cap and large rectangular soundholes also having geometric patterned stone fenestration.


Apparently there is a public Mass on Saturdays at 17:00, in a "Charismatic renewal" style. This is an initiative of one of the friars, and so is liable to change.

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