Santa Maria Bambina is a later 20th century convent and public chapel located at Via del Fontanile Nuovo 104 in the suburb of Ottavia, near the train station. The locality is actually in the Tomba di Nerone zone.

The dedication is unusual, to the Blessed Virgin Mary as a baby.

History Edit

This is the chapel of a convent of the Sisters of St Francis of Assisi (Soeurs de Saint François d'Assise).

The original community here were founded in France in 1867 as the Franciscaines de Seillon à Péronnas, named after their place of foundation which was a small place near Péronnas. This has morphed into Italian as Francescane di Seillon.

In 2004, the little congregation was amalgamated with six other French Franciscan sisterhoods to form the Soeurs de Saint François d'Assise. One of these had already been formed as an amalgamation of nine congregations in 1973. So, here we have fourteen congregations consolidating into one.

After 2012, the convent chapel became a public dependent chapel of the parish of Nostra Signora di Fatima ad Ottavia , the church of which is in the same street. This was in order to safeguard the continued provision of Mass here, which would have been problematic if the chapel had stayed private.

As at 2017, the chapel is not being advertised on the parish website.

Appearance Edit

The chapel is part of a convent complex which looks late Sixties or Seventies. It is in a wing with grey concrete walls having horizontal striations and a gable-pitched roof, up a fairly long pathway from the street.

There is nothing of architectural interest here.

Liturgy Edit

According to the Diocese, Mass is celebrated publicly on weekdays (only) at 7:30. However, the parish website does not now (2017) mention this.

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