Santa Felicita a Domus Aurea was a previously unknown palaeochristian oratory that was discovered in 1812 during excavations in the Domus Aurea on the Esquiline.

Apparently one room in a service wing of Nero's palace had been converted into a small church in the 5th century, and subsequently used as a private dwelling. When the archaeologists first excavated this, various frescoes were visible on the walls. However, exposing them to the air meant that they quickly faded and disintegrated and the only record that now exists are the drawings made at the time.

The history of this oratory is completely unknown, but the dedication is inferred from the fresco in the apse. De Rossi made a drawing of it, showing St Felicity the Roman martyr in the orans position, about to be crowned with a wreath from heaven by Christ and accompanied by her seven sons who were allegedly martyred with her.

There is nothing to be seen of this building now.

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