Santa Chiara alla Borghesiana is a 20th century subsidiary parish church at Via Contessa Entellina 6 (note spelling -not "Intellina") in the suburb of Finocchio, to the east of the city and north of the Via Casilina. This is in the Borghesiana zone.

The dedication is to St Clare of Assisi.


This is a subsidiary church of the parish of San Giovanni Maria Vianney, built in the late 20th century.


The building is very basic, little more than a hut with walls in white breeze-blocks and a gabled roof. There is a nave, and a separate sanctuary.

It is hidden away behind a scruffy hedge at the west end of the street, but you can't miss it because it has a prominent open tower campanile over the sanctuary. This is a cylinder made out of vertical steel rods, like a cage, and near the top is an odd fabrication looking like an inverted sink plunger on a horizontal car steering wheel. This in turn supports a large cross at the top of the cylinder.

Romanian OrthodoxEdit

The church is also used by the Romanian Orthodox parish of St Demetrius the New (Parohia Sfântul Dimitrie cel Nou), which was established in 2004. Non-Orthodox are welcome to attend the liturgies, but should not receive Communion.

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