Sant’Antonio Abate a Capobianco is a tiny deconsecrated 18th century country chapel at Via Nomentana 1400, which is near the junction with the Via Palomberese in the settlement of Poggio Fiorito. This is not in the municipality, but in the comune of Guidonia Montecelio.

The dedication was to St Anthony of Egypt.

History Edit

It was originally a mediaeval chapel of the fortified farmstead of Casale Capobianco, but was rebuilt in the 18th century.

The original site of the farmstead was right on the Via Nomentana, but a substantial new layout was built behind it late in the 20th century and this is now a hospitality centre as well. There has been a slight renaming -Casali di Capobianco. It has a website here.

The little chapel used to be a public Mass centre of the the parish of Sant'Alessandro, the church of which is up the road nearer the city. However, it fell into disuse in the early 21st century and has been deleted from the website of the Diocese. This indicates that it has been deconsecrated.

Appearance Edit

The chapel is situated right on the roadside, and has a simple rectangular layout which is a wing of the main farmhouse set back behind a little courtyard to the left (which is being used for fly-tipping).

It has a simple and rustic square façade, with a lunette window having metal fan mullions over the door. The latter has an unmolded stone doorcase. Two rectangular windows are low down, either side of the door. The façade is framed by a pair of thin blind pilasters, supporting a simple frieze with a strip of recessed molding on its underside. The walls used to be rendered in white, but most of this has fallen off.

A domestic upper storey is over the chapel, with a window facing out over the actual façade and having its lintel on the frieze just mentioned. The roof is pitched and tiled, with a hip.

When examined in 2015, the fabric was in bad condition and the entire farm complex looked disused. There was long grass growing in front of the entrance, making it clear that no-one had actually entered this way for some time.

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