Sant’Anselmo alla Cecchignola is a late 20th century parish church at Via Abigaille Zanetta 3-4 in the suburban zone of Cecchignola, east of EUR.

The dedication is to St Anselm of Canterbury.

History Edit

The parish was set up in 1989, and rented shop premises in the new suburb of Cecchignola Ovest. This is to the south of the Castello di Cecchignola, a prominent local landmark.

The consortium laying out the suburb has reserved a site for a permanent church, and the land is now available to the Diocese. The plot is to the south of the Via della Cecchignoletta, which runs off the Via della Cecchignola.

Nothing had happened by 2016.

Appearance Edit

The apartment blocks in this part of the suburb were built in the late 1980's, and are good quality. The church is in shop premises in the first storey of the one on the south side of the east end of the street, which has six storeys and is clad in red brick.

Look for the fascia banner saying Parrochia S. Anselmo, with a representation of the saint. There is a majolica plaque depicting Our Lady attached to the left of the entrance.

Permanent church (not yet) Edit

Turn left at the junction with Via Margaret Mead, and then right on the Via Linda Malnati. This section of that street runs through undeveloped countryside, to terminate at an arable field with a good distant view of the Alban hills. You should, by now, be looking at a new church instead, for which the length of street was built as an access.

There's a rumour that the money budgeted for it by the Diocese was swallowed up by Dio Padre Misericordioso, when that architectural disaster went monstrously over-budget.

Access Edit

The church is open:

Weekdays 8:30 to 19:45;

Sundays and Solemnities 9:00 to 19:30.

The suburb has its own bus service, number 763 from the Laurentina metro station.

Liturgy Edit

Mass is celebrated:

Weekdays 6:30 (not summer), 18:30;

Sundays and Solemnities 10:00, 11:30 (not summer), 18:30.

"Summer" is the second Sunday in June to the fourth in September.

There is Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament:

Mondays 19:15 to 20:00, Thursdays 17:30 to 18:30, Saturdays 10:00 to 18:00.

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