Sant’Agostino di Canterbury was a late 20th parish church at Via Enrico Giglioli 124, in the suburb of Torre Maura north of the Via Casilina.

The dedication was to St Augustine of Canterbury.

History Edit

The parish was set up in 1975, and worshipped in a temporary church for the next twenty-three years.

However, and very unusually for a new parish in Rome, it failed. The writer has not been able to find out what went wrong, apart from the information that the priest in charge was on his own and very old.

When the neighbouring parish of Nostra Signora del Suffragio was allotted the funds for a permanent church, it was decided to build it in the territory of Sant'Agostino and to suppress the latter parish. The combined parish was given the new title of Nostra Signora del Suffragio e San Agostino di Canterbury.

The church of Sant'Agostino was closed when the new parish church was opened, in 1998.

Appearance Edit

The former church occupied shop premises on the ground floor of an apartment block, which in 2016 seemed to be still vacant.

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