Sant'Agapito is a mid 20th century parish church at Via della Venezia Giulia 21 in the Collatino quarter, between the Via Prenestina and the Prenestina train station.

The dedication is to St Agapitus.

History Edit

The name was chosen to recall a lost 5th century church which once stood somewhere in the vicinity.

The parish was set up in 1962, and the church erected in the following year by Galliano Addotti. By the look of it, it was obviously meant to be temporary.

If this church stood in a suburb further out, it would be a candidate for replacement by a larger architect-designed building. However, the locality is well supplied with other churches and the parish is probably too small to qualify. Especially, it is in the same street as Santa Maria Addolorata ai Goranni which was built in 2000 -there must be a risk that the parish will be merged.

Appearance Edit

This church was built simply and without any distinguishing architectural features, rather in the style of an army barracks hut but with a little rectangular apse. The far corners, flanking the apse, are chamfered.

The façade is quite attractive, however. An enclosed porch or narthex in pink brick occupies the width of the edifice, and has chamfered corners. There is a very slightly pitched roof with a white bargeboard, and above this the gabled frontage of the church itself is also in white with a set of airholes in red in the shape of a foliated cross. On the gable is an almost life-sized figurative statue in metal of the Risen Christ, being adored by two other statues depicting angels.

The single entrance has a yellow lintel bearing the name of the church, fitted in below the narthex roof bargeboard, and is flanked by two vertical dentillation strips laid in the brickwork.

Inside, there is a wooden sculpture of St Anthony the Abbot by Helmut Perathoner, and a painting of the Baptism of Christ by Tarcisio Bedini.

Access Edit

According to the Diocese, the church is open 8:00 to 12:30, and 16:30 to 20:00.

Liturgy Edit

According to the Diocese, Mass is celebrated:

Weekdays 9:00, 19:00;

Sundays and Solemnities 9:00, 10:00, 11:15, 12:30 (not June to September), 19:00.

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