Sant'Elisabetta al Gonfalone was an 18th century oratory, now demolished, on the west side of Via dei Banchi Vecchi just north of Santa Lucia del Gonfalone. This is in the rione Ponte.The dedication was to "St Elizabeth", presumably St Elizabeth of Hungary who was famous for her concern for poor people.


This oratory is shown on the Nolli map of 1748 as belonging to the Università dei Mendicanti Invalidi, which was a charitable organisation set up to help blind and crippled beggars.

Armellini quotes a reference by the Vatican archivist Michele Lonigo (1572-1638), who stated that a small church or chapel dedicated to SS Cosmas and Damian used to stand on the site. The building survived, although deconsecrated and used for business purposes, in his day.

Fioravante Martinelli (1599-1667) noted that it was attached to the chapter of St Peter's, so was already reconsecrated when he wrote this.

Gregorio Terribilini visited in 1748, and noted an epigraph mentioning a restoration by Pope Sixtus IV (1471-84) of the original church of Santi Cosma e Damiano.

The oratory seems to have been demolished in the late 19th century for the present building.


It was located about where number 19 now is, the Sancesario Bijoux.


It was a simple rectangular space, accessed from the entrance via a tiny square antechamber.

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