Sant'Elisabetta D'Ungheria is a 21st century subsidiary parish church (not merely a chapel) at Via Frondarola 58 in the suburb of Fossa di San Giuliano. This is in the Lunghezza district.

The dedication is to St Elizabeth of Hungary.


The suburb is rather isolated, separated by fields from it neighbours of Castelverde to the west and Corcolle to the east. For this reason, in 2012 it was provided with a subsidiary church although still remaining a part of the parish of Santa Maria di Loreto a Castelverde.


This is a completely unpretentious building. The overall plan is a transverse rectangle which is almost square, and this divides into two longitudinal rectangles. The wider right hand one of these is the actual church, and the narrower left hand one the ancillary facilities. 

After the single nave there is a semi-circular apse, with its own sectored and tiled roof. The main roof is gabled and tiled, with the ridge-line running along the major axis of the church, and has overhanging eaves. The pitch to the left continues over the side annexe in a cat slide.

The church has an external porch, which is four square concrete pillars supporting a tiled roof of a slight pitch which is the width of the church (it does not extend to the annexe entrance). There is a single entrance door, flanked by two large vertical rectangular windows. The right hand side wall has four rectangular windows.

A little campanile sits over the left hand side of the church façade, and is just a rectangular concrete frame.

Access Edit

The church is open daily from 16:00 to 19:00, according to the Diocese in June 2019. However, there is doubt about the accuracy of this (see below).

Liturgy Edit

Mass is celebrated (parish website, June 2019):

Weekdays only 10:00. No Sunday Mass.

(The Diocese has this at 17:00, with a Sunday Mass at 10:30.)

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