Sant'Antonio da Padova alla Borghesiana is a later 20th century public chapel at Via Torregrotta in the Borghesiana suburban district, north of the Via Casilina. It has no street number, and is opposite the junction with Via Custonaci.

The dedication is to St Anthony of Padua.

History Edit

The neighbourhood arose from illegally sub-divided farmland which became an unplanned suburb in the Sixties. There was a lot of this sort of thing in the locality at the time. In response, the parish of Santa Maria della Fiducia opened several chapels-of-ease of which this is one.

Appearance Edit

The chapel is just a long and rather cramped rectangular hut in smallish cream-coloured concrete blocks, with a wooden shack attached to the right hand side. The pitched roof is in metal. The completely plain façade merely displays an entrance doorway with double metal doors.

The left hand side wall has two square windows beyond a campanile. This consists of a sheet metal cuboid attached to the wall and almost as high as the roofline, on which is a four-storey open metal frame. This in turn supports a pyramidal metal cap with a cross finial. The single bell is in the top cuboidal unit of the frame.

There is a little garden to the left of the chapel, containing a statue of St Anthony.

Liturgy Edit

According to the parish website, there is Mass on Sundays (only) at 11:00.

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