Sant'Anna a Torre Jacova is a 21st century public chapel at Via della Lite 7, south of the Via Casilina in the suburb of Pantano Borghese. This is in the Borghesiana zone.

The dedication is to St Anne, Mother of Our Lady.

This chapel is in the municipality of Rome, but belongs to the diocese of Frascati.

History Edit

The chapel was opened in 2004, to serve a suburban area which is expected to grow substantially in the near future. The locality is still semi-rural, with olive orchards and vineyards interspersed with originally illegal suburban development.

The chapel is dependent on the parish of Santa Maria Madre della Chiesa.

Appearance Edit

This is a more substantial building than the usual run of prefabricated huts that serve as new public chapels nowadays.

It stands back from the street, with an asphalted courtyard in front of it. The site slopes down from this, allowing the chapel to be built over a crypt.

The plan entails a single nave of three bays, joined onto an octagonal sanctuary. The octagon is irregular, in that the front side abutting the nave is wider than the other seven. A little sacristy block abuts the far left diagonal side of the octagon.

The walls are in light grey blocks, and the roofs are in bright red tiles. The nave roof has a gable, and the sanctuary roof has eight sector pitches -the one abutting the nave roof is a narrow chevron. The sacristy block has its own gable roof, with a hip.

The nave has three square windows down each side, below the overhanging roofline, as well as windows for the crypt. The sanctuary sides also each have a window, except the far diagonal sides which have the sacristy to the left and a back entrance to the right.

The nave roof is bought forward for the depth of a further bay to form a canopy for the entrance. This is supported by four thin concrete columns and a horizontal tie-beam. The loggia so created is approached by three steps. The frontage has a large single entrance, unadorned, and a round window above it.

Liturgy Edit

As at July 2018, Mass is celebrated on Wednesdays at 16:00 (17:00 during DST), and on Sundays and Solemnities at 9:30.

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