Santa Agostina Pietrantoni della Cappellania Medicina Sapienza is an earlier 20th century hospital chapel at Viale dell'Università 33 in the Nomentano quarter. Despite the address, it is part of the complex of the Policlinico Umberto I.

The dedication is to St Agostina Pietrantoni.

The building is also known as the Cappella Universitaria.

History Edit

This little chapel was provided for the medical faculty of the Sapienza University. The main university campus is across the road, but the faculty is at the Policlinico hence the chapel is here.

The university has its own church, the Chiesa della Sapienza, and the hospital has a main chapel in the Gesù Misericordioso del Policlinico Umberto I which is often referred to as the Cappella Maggiore to distinguish it.

Exterior Edit

This is a very simple pink brick building, of four bays with a very shallow trapezoidal apse slightly narrower than the nave. The sides of this external apse actually contain sacristies -the internal apse is much narrower.

The left hand side wall has four vertical rectangular windows well spaced, but the chapel abuts the buildings of the Neonatal Screening Laboratory on its right. There is a projecting stone cornice, and the roof is flat.

The single entrance faces a small patio accessed by a trapezoidal set of six stairs which run up all three sides. The central three-fifths of the frontage is revetted in white stone, and this feature is continued up above the roofline to end in a gable. The revetting projects slightly.

Interior Edit

The very simple white interior has no features of interest, apart from a vertically elongated decagonal brass bas-relief on the back wall of the apse which depicts The Assumption of Our Lady with Angels.

Access and liturgy Edit

Despite its postal address of Viale dell'Universtità 33, the chapel is actually invisible from that street. It hides behind the perimeter wall of the Policlinico. To get to it, turn immediately right on passing through the hospital gate (this thoroughfare is called the Viale Bracci, and the chapel's apse appears in front of you.

The chapel is advertised as open 15:00 to 19:00 daily.

Mass is celebrated Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 18:00.

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