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San Michele alla Tiburtina is a 20th century public chapel located at Via del Casale Cavallari 8 in the so-called Municipio V in the Tor Cervara district to the south of San Basilio, where the Via Tiburtina crosses the Grande Raccordo Anulare (Circonvallazione Orientale).


This obscure little chapel is (or was) a public Mass centre of the parish of Santa Maria dell’Olivo. The latter was set up in 1926, and the chapel looks as if it were erected about twenty years later or so.

It is unclear as to whether it is still in use -no liturgical activities seem to be advertised, and the fabric is showing signs of neglect.


Layout and fabric[]

The chapel is slightly elevated above street level, and seems to be on a crypt. It has a rectangular plan, with a semi-circular chapel attached to each side. Ancillary accommodation is in a single-storey range attached to the back.

The walls are rendered in an off-white. The main roof is pitched and tiled, the ancillary range has a single-pitched roof and the side chapels have their own semi-conical tiled roofs. Each side wall has a pair of rectangular windows flanking the chapel, and a small round window high up at the sanctuary end.

To the right of the far end is a tower campanile, a simple white structure on a square plan with a bell-chamber having an arched opening on each face and a tiled cap. The arches have imposts, and rest on a cornice. Also, each is within a recessed rectangular panel.


The single entrance has an open cubical porch, having a large arch in the front and sides. These are supported by a pair of square piers with imposts at the front, and a pair of matching pilasters at the back. The interior is cross-vaulted.

The side arches are accessed by stairs leading to a little patio inside the porch, but the front arch is blocked by railings.

The chapel frontage has a pair of rectangular windows flanking the porch, and a small relief-framed tondo near the gable.

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