San Matteo delle Muratte was an early 19th century devotional chapel or church at the Palazzo dei Sabini, now demolished, in the Via delle Muratte. This is in the rione Trevi.

The dedication was to St Matthew the Apostle.

History Edit

The Palazzo dei Sabini was built by Ferdinando Fuga and Luigi Vanvitelli in about 1748.

In the reign of Pope Pius VI (1775-99), the Collegio Sabino was founded as an educational and cultural institution for men and boys from the Sabina region. In 1802 this acquired the palazzo.

in 1810, during the French occupation, the old church of San Matteo in Merulana was demolished. When Pope Pius VII returned to power in 1814, he declared the palace chapel to be the inheritor of the privileges attached to that church. Hence, the little place of worship became a church in its own right.

The palazzo was demolished in 1913 as part of a redevelopment of the locality.

Appearance Edit

The church had not external identity, but was a room in the palazzo just off the main entrance. It was freely open to the public.

The palazzo occupied the city block on the north side of the street next to the Corso.

There seem to be no publicly available photos of the interior.

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