San Leopoldo Mandic is a 21st century subsidiary parish church at Via John Lennon 111, in the west of the suburb of Vallerano and south-west of the junction between the Via Laurentina and the Grande Raccordo Anulare (Circonvallazione Meridionale). This is in the Vallerano zone.

The patron saint, Leopold Mandić, was a Capuchin at Padua until his death in 1942. (Italian has problems with the accented "c", and usually ignores the accent.)


The two new suburbs of Fonte Laurentina and Vallerano began to be laid out at the end of the 20th century, either side of the Via Laurentina south of the Grande Raccordo Annulare. To begin with, the Diocese provided a chapel called Madonna del Rosario a Via Laurentina on the new roundabout (gyratory) giving access to both suburbs from the main road.

However, in 2000 the new parish of San Carlo Borromeo a Fonte Laurentina was set up. In order to save on procedural effort, two new churches were founded in adjacent apartment blocks in Fonte Laurentina. One was the temporary parish church of San Carlo Borromeo at Via Pia Nalli 161, and the other was San Leopoldo Mandic at Pia Nalli 151.

This strange state of affairs continued for ten years. Finally, in 2010 the new parish church was consecrated in Fonte Laurentina. At the same time, the neighbourhood of Valleranello had the site of its future new church occupied by a prefab. 

The chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary continues in operation.


This is a rather sad-looking and flimsy flat-roofed prefab in what used to be an orchard (not many trees left, though). It is set well back from the street, so look for the cross on the roofline over the door.

Despite the miserable quality of the building, this is a church not a chapel.


Mass is celebrated on Sunday at 11:30 (Diocesan web-page, June 2018).

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