San Lauro alla Pisana is a mid 20th century subsidiary parish church at Via della Pisana 355, in the suburb of La Pisana which is part of the Gianicolense suburban district.

(The street number has been quoted by the Diocese as 455 in error. Those who use this information will find themselves looking at an electronics factory several miles away.)

The dedication is to St Laurus.


The church was originally built when the suburban area was being laid out, in 1956. The architect was Francesco Fornari.

However, it was too small to become a full parish church. From 1964, it was dependent on the parish church of Santa Maria della Perseveranza, but this parish was divided in 1990 when the new parish church of San Bruno alla Pisana was built nearby.

Hence the little church has been made effectively redundant, but seems still to be consecrated.


It is a small, short rectangular building with its façade right on the roadside.

The gabled frontage has corner pilasters running to the roofline, and a horizontal floating slab canopy over the doorway. Above this is an octagonal window, with the glass in triangular sectors alternately yellow and blue. There is a wide horizontal string course in grey at the level of the canopy, and the pilasters, a strip under the gabled roofline and the zone above the canopy around the window are also in grey. The rest of the façade is in white.

Liturgy Edit

There seem to be no regular liturgical events.

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