San Giuseppe a Bastogi is a mid 20th century public chapel, dependent on the parish of Santa Maria della Presentazione. It is located at Via Arnaldo Canepa 20, in a neighbourhood known as Bastogi in the suburb of Torrevecchia.

The dedication is to St Joseph.

History Edit

This neighbourhood stands in contrast to the surrounding suburban development, in being very rough. Several very large apartment blocks were built in the 1980's, and were intended as halls of residence for university students. Something went badly wrong, and the municipality purchased them to house families on the public housing waiting list.

Predictably, the inhabitants have been low-pay workers, the unemployed, the unemployable, refugees, migrants, drop-outs and squatters.

The chapel is near the parish church, but is presumably being kept open as a social asset that the neighbourhood otherwise mostly lacks.

Appearance Edit

The shop-front chapel is located in one of the blocks which comprise this ugly neighbourhood, and has no separate architectural identity.

Liturgy Edit

Mass is celebrated on Sundays and Solemnities at 11:00, except in July and August.

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