San Giovanni Ventitreesimo (Giovanni XXIII) a Borgata Petrelli is a public dependent chapel located at Via dell’Imbrecciato 289 in the rather isolated little suburb of Borgata Petrelli. This is in the Magliana Nuova suburban zone.

The dedication is to Pope St John XXIII.

History Edit

The chapel stands in a public park called Largo Petrelli, which was laid out in 1992. Local residents built the edifice out of their own resources, and it was made dependent on the parish of Nostra Signora di Valme.

A statue of Pope St St John XXIII in the park was inaugurated in 2012.

Very unfortunately, the title to the land was apparently defective and there was a period in 2013 when the park and chapel were fenced off pending legal proceedings. As at 2015, access has been restored but the chapel is not listed in the parish website as a regular place of worship.

Appearance Edit

The chapel is a white-walled prefabricated hut with a pitched roof covered in a red composition. The roof has overhanging eaves, especially deep at the front where it provides a shallow canopy.

Just to the right is the little campanile, formed of four vertical square steel bars supporting a pyramid in steel plate from which the single bell hangs. A local blacksmith fabricated this himself.

The chapel is in the little public park next to the bus terminus, accompanied by trees that are now mature. Note that the Via dell'Imbrecciato continues on the east side of the railway line to Fiumicino, but there is no connection between the two sections of the street.

Liturgy Edit

According to the DIocese, Mass has been celebrated on Sundays and Solemnities at 11:00.

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