San Giovanni Battista in Collatino
English name: St John the Baptist in Collatino
Dedication: John the Baptist
Denomination: Catholic
Built: 1965
Contact data
Address: Via Sandro Sandri 73

San Giovanni Battista in Collatino is a modern parish church at Via Sandro Sandri 73 in the Collatino district, between the Via Tiburtina and the Strada dei Parchi.

Pictures of the church at Wikimedia Commons. [1]

It was designed by Antonpaolo Savio and completed in 1965. It is a building of high quality for its time, being distantly inspired by the Romanesque style and with a façade in pink stone. There is a projecting enclosed entrance atrium, above which is a vertical rectangular stained glass window. The roof is flat, but a hint of a pediment is provided by the roofline forming a slight triangular projection.

The parish is administered by Opus Dei.

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