San Francesco Borgia dei Gesuiti is an earlier 20th century Fascist-era convent chapel at Borgo Santo Spirito 4 in the rione Borgo.

The dedication is to St Francis Borgia, and is unique in Rome.

History Edit

After the Jesuits had been ejected from their former headquarters at Il Gesù by the Italian government in 1873, they had to wait a while before finding a permanent home. This was provided when a Generalate (headquarters) was built in the Borgo from 1927 to 1929.

In 2012 Fr Marko Ivan Rupnik, a famous mosaicist and a member of the Society, provided a mosaic of The Annunciation for the chapel.

Appearance Edit

The chapel is invisible from the street. It seems to be a flat-roofed annexe attached to the back of the western wing, having a curved back wall also acting as a revetment for the sloping garden behind.

The Generalate occupies two five-storey wings, meeting at an oblique angle to the right of the church of Santo Spirito in Sassia. The style could be described as derivative Classical, not as grim as many Fascist-era works. Spot the majolica bas-relief of the Madonna and Child high above the main entrance.

The chapel is a simple white room, with Rupnik's impressive mosaic occupying a large curved panel behind the altar and reaching from floor to ceiling.

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