San Cristoforo a Via di Villa Spada is a 20th century public dependent chapel, and is located at Via di Villa Spada 143. This is in the Castel Giubileo zone.

The dedication is to St Christopher (surprisingly, this is the only church or chapel dedicated to this popular saint in Rome).

Status Edit

The Diocese lists the chapel as dependent on the parish of Santi Innocenzo I Papa e Guido Vescovo. This indicates that it is still consecrated. However, no Mass has been celebrated here for several years.

History Edit

This is a seriously obscure chapel, and the writer has not tracked down any details as regards its history. Info.roma is unaware of it.

There was apparently a low-key restoration in 2013, in the hope that Mass would be celebrated here again. This has not happened, at least regularly.

Location Edit

The chapel served a thin ribbon of suburban development between the Via Salaria and a main-line railway, near the train station of Nuovo Salario. Down its eastern side the street has the boundary fence of a very large railway service layout belonging to Trenitalia, involving carriage sheds and sidings. The western side is occupied by a single row of apartment blocks, houses and light industrial units, and beyond that is a bypass railway track. Beyond that is the Via Salaria, then the Aeroporto dell'Urbe. Hence the locality is very isolated.

Appearance Edit

The chapel is inserted into a two-storey block which looks as if it was erected as light industrial, office or school premises in the 1960's. The façade is slightly brought forward from the frontage to the left, and set back from that on the right.

The façade has two storeys of unequal heights, the second being slightly higher than the first. This feature matches the frontage of the block attached to the left, which has the storeys separated by a simple concrete string-course which is continued across the chapel façade.

The wall surfaces are in yellow ochre. The first storey has a simple doorway, and the second a round window. A plaque bearing the name of the chapel sits over the string course. The roof is flat and has a concrete architrave topped by a metal safety railing fence.

On the left hand side of the roofline is a little campanile for a single bell. It is a cubical kiosk with a round-headed opening on each face and a pyramidal cap.

Near the chapel is a large sculptural group on a plinth, featuring a pair of angels (apparently) comparing notes.

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