Purificazione di Santa Maria is a 20th century public chapel of the parish of Ascensione di Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo, and is at Via Lucio Sestio 1, which is just by the Lucio Sesto metro station on the Via Tuscolana. This is in the Appio Claudio quarter.

Name Edit

The dedication is to the Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ, or Candlemas in English, which is celebrated liturgically on 2 February.

This is the ancient title of the feast, but in the Roman Catholic Church before 1970 it was known as the "Purification of Our Lady". This was a reference to the primary motivation for the Holy Family's visit the Temple in Jerusalem, which was to ritually purify Our Lady after the birth.

Hence, the chapel was given this name at its dedication in the mid 20th century. The name of the feast was changed in 1970, and the parish now calls the chapel the Cappellina della Presentazione. However, the Diocese has retained the original title.

Appearance Edit

The chapel is a chamber on the ground floor of an apartment block just to the west of the metro station.

The actual entrance is on the Via Tuscolana, first right after exiting the metro at the south-east side of the road junction. There are no external architectural features.

The interior is just a room, although the windows have some reasonably good modern stained glass.

Liturgy Edit

This is one of the more liturgically active of the Diocese's public chapels located in shop and domestic premises.

Mass is celebrated (parish website, July 2018):

Weekdays 18:00;

Sundays and Solemnities 7:30, 10:30 (not July or August), 18:00.

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