Presentazione di Maria Santissima was a 19th century convent chapel, now demolished, at Via Milano 13 in the rione Trevi.

The dedication was to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under the aspect of her Presentation.

History Edit

The Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of Our Lady (Suore di Carità Domenicane della Presentazione della Santa Vergine) has its origins in France. The foundress, Bl Marie Poussepin, opened the first convent at Angerville in 1690.

The first convent in Rome was opened in Via Milano in 1887, in a house erected as part of a new development including the Palazzo delle Esposizioni which was completed in 1883. The sisters founded an orphanage for handicapped girls, and opened their little chapel to the public.

The location proved to be a mistake. Plans had already been outlined up for the Traforo Umberto I, a road tunnel under the Quirinal Hill with its south portal at the end of the Via Milano where the convent was. When this proposal was implemented, the new convent was doomed. It was demolished in 1901 as part of the preparatory works, and the tunnel was opened in 1904. The convent had only lasted fourteen years.

The sisters moved to an impressive three-storey neo-Baroque block at Via di Sant'Agata dei Goti 10, which was named Il Rosario. This is still theoretically a convent, although there seems to be only one Spanish sister in charge and the place is in practice a pilgrimage hotel (see its website here).

The congregation's international headquarters or Generalate is a suburban villa at Via Valdieri 4.

Appearance Edit

Armellini, writing in 1891, merely mentions that the altarpiece of the single altar depicted the Sacred Heart accompanied by SS Peter and Paul.

If you look at the mouth of the tunnel, the chapel was just to the right about halfway down from the road junction behind you.

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Congregation's website

Armellini, Mariano (1891). Le chiese di Roma dal secolo IV al XIX. Chiesa delle Suore della Presentazione (em italiano). Roma: Tipografia Vaticana. p. 825

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