Natività di Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo a Casal Morena is a deconsecrated 17th century public chapel at Via Anagnina 396 in the suburb of Morena, part of the zone of Casal Morena.

The dedication was to the Nativity.

The church is in the municipality, but belonged to the diocese of Frascati.

History Edit

This was the original place of worship for the area, and until 1953 the only one. It was built for agricultural workers in the 17th century, an outlier of the parish of Frascati and hence part of the diocese there (not of Rome).

However, it is apparently now deconsecrated after being made redundant by the building of Cristo Re a Morena nearby.

Appearance Edit

The chapel is hidden away in mature trees near the Casale dei Romalli, which have been flourishing in recent years and which mean that there is now no view of the chapel from the road. There is no public access.

The little edifice has a short rectangular plan, and a tiled roof which is still fairly intact.

The façade has a doorway with a triangular pediment, an elliptical oeil-de-boeuf window above and a large triangular pediment on top. However, a glance at the body of the chapel reveals that the façade is false, and the pediment is well above the roofline.

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