Madonna della Consolazione degli Agostiniani Recolletti is a convent and public chapel which has a postal address at Viale dell’Astronomia 27 which is in EUR.

The actual street address is Piazza del Caduti sul Lavoro 28.

The dedication is to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under her title of Our Lady of Consolation.

History Edit

The chapel belongs to the Generalate (headquarters) of the male religious order of Augustinian Recollects. This used to be at Santi Ildefonso e Tommaso da Villanova, but was moved here in 1960.

The chapel is, strictly speaking, private. However, the Order has co-operated with the parish of Santi Pietro e Paolo in making the liturgies celebrated here available to the public. This is especially useful on major feasts, when the parish church has inadequate capacity. Also, the brethren are available "on call" for the sacrament of penance.

On the other hand, the times of Masses are not being advertised -presumably so that no public obligation on the part of the brethren is entered into.

Appearance Edit

The Generalate is basically a good-quality Sixties apartment block, and the chapel has no separate architectural identity.

The chapel is on the ground floor, behind the wall facing the Viale Pasteur, and the public entrance is round the back on the Piazza del Caduti sul Lavoro. There is a little white composition relief of Our Lady over the doorway.

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