Madonna del Buon Consiglio a Tor di Mezza Via is a 16th century public chapel at Via Appia Nuova 1267, in a small suburb called Vallebuono just before the Via Appia Nuova crosses the Grandeo Raccordo Anulare. This is in the Capannelle suburban district.

The dedication is to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under her title of Our Lady of Good Counsel.

History Edit

The chapel started its career as part of the facilities of the farmstead of Casale di Tor Mezzavia di Albano, which is mediaeval in foundation but was mostly rebuilt in the 16th century (there may be older fabric in the present complex). It is halfway between Rome and Albano.

For most of its history, the chapel served a completely rural locality in the Roman Campagna. This changed in the 20th century, and the chapel became dependent on the church of Santa Barbara alle Capannelle when that church was built.

The parish still lists it as a place of worship, but no regular liturgical events seem to occur here. The premises to which it is attached is now part of an extensive restaurant and hospitality complex called the Villa Rinaldo all'Acquedotto.

Appearance Edit

The chapel is a very small edifice by the side of the main road. The main block of the old farmstead is to the right on the other side of a farmstead, with a wing on the far side of the latter. Another wing runs from the left hand end of this far wing, enclosing the yard, and the chapel is attached to the end of this.

The fabric is a little brick box with a pitched and tiled roof, having no widows in its left hand side wall. The far wall is party with the farmstead wing, and the right hand side abuts a tiny priest's house.

The façade is simply gable, and rendered in purplish-pink with a white border. The doorframe is also in white. There is a round window above the door, but no other decoration.

Unusually the chapel has two bell-cotes, one on the near edge of the side wall at the right corner of the façade and the other on the tip of the gable.

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