The list of antipopes given the names and information about connections to churches in Rome for those who were elected or appointed as pope under irregular circumstances, and whose election or appointment was not later regularized.

Dates Name Connection to churches Place of burial Antipope under
217235 St Hiipolytus Callixtus I, Urban I and Pontian
251 Novatian Cornelius
355365 Felix II Liberius
366367 Ursinus Damasus I
418419 Eulalius Boniface I
498 and 501505 Lawrence Symmachus
530 Dioscurus Boniface II
687 Theodore Sergius I
687 Pascal Sergius I
767768 (769) Constantine Stephen III
768 Philip Stephen III
844 John Sergius II
855 Anastasius Titular of San Marcello al Corso Benedict III
903904 Christoper Titular of San Lorenzo in Damaso Sergius III
974 and 984985 Boniface VII Benedict VII and John XV
997998 John XVI Gregory V
1012 Gregory Benedict VIII
10581059 Benedict X Nicholas II
10611072 Honorius II Alexander II
1080 and 10841100 Clement III Victor III, Urban II and Pascal II
1100 Theoderic Salerno Pascal II
1102 Albert Pascal II
11051111 Sylvester IV Pascal II
11181121 Gregory VIII Gelasius II and Callixtus II
1124 Celestine II Titular of Sant'Anastasia Honorius II
11301138 Anacletus II Titular of Santi Cosma e Damiano San Giovanni in Laterano Innocent II
1138 Victor IV (antipope 1138 Innocent II
11591164 Victor IV Titular of San Nicola in Carcere Alexander III
11641168 Pascal III Alexander III
11681178 Callixtus III Alexander III
11791180 Innocent III Deacon of Sant'Angelo in Pescheria Alexander III
13281330 Nicholas V John XXII
13781394 Clement VII Urban IV and Boniface IX
13941423 Benedict XIII Boniface IX, Innocent VII, Gregory XII and Martin V
14091410 Alexander V Gregory XII
14101415 John XXIII Gregory XII
14401449 Felix V Eugene IV and Nicholas V
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