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The following List of catacombs is based on data provided by the Pontificia Commissione di Archeologia Sacra. For an article on Roman catacombs in general, see Catacombs of Rome.

A map published by the Pontificia Commissione in 1985 showed a total of forty-five known catacombs outside the walls, although the Complesso Callistiano is shown as eight separate sets of catacombs instead of one conjoined complex and Santa Tecla is shown as three. Also shown were sixteen "private funerary enclosures" or ipogei under the control of the Pontificia Commissione. 

The catacombs are listed under the ancient radial roads that they were on, in order of distance along them, and these roads are in turn listed anticlockwise from the Vatican.

Note that many catacombs have two names, one based on the locality or the ancient entrepreneur who first set them up and the other on a noted martyr or martyrs venerated within (or on top).

Catacombs that were on the city's pilgrimage circuit in the early Middle Ages are in bold.

Via Aurelia Nova -Via Cornelia (now Via di Boccea):[]

Via Aurelia:[]

Via Portuense:[]

Via Ostiense:[]

Via Ardeatina:[]

Via Appia:[]

Via Latina:[]

Via Labicana (now the Via Casilina):[]

Via Tiburtina:[]

Via Nomentana:[]

Via Salaria Nova:[]

Via Salaria Vetus:[]

Via Flaminia:[]