The following list of Catholic churches is definitive. It includes all churches and consecrated chapels listed by the Diocese of Rome as places where Mass is celebrated publicly, also those within the municipality belonging to other dioceses. It also includes all those churches deconsecrated or demolished since the Nolli map of 1748. Chapels attached to larger churches are not separately listed. All of the places of worship listed have pages about them.

Several churches are known under more than one name, and some alternative names are included in the list in italics.

Only those private chapels which have their own dedications or their own architectural identity are included. Mass is also being celebrated publicly in rooms in various institutions, and these ephemeral chapels are mentioned in the pages of the parish churches concerned.

The Diocese has an active building programme, and new churches will need to be added as they are opened. On the other hand, the opening of new permanent churches sometimes entails the closure of suburban public chapels in shop premises -of which the Diocese has several.

For the catacombs, see Catacombs of Rome and List of catacombs. For the saints to whom the churches are dedicated, see List of saints by Italian name. For relics, see List of relics at Rome.

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