Immacolata Concezione dell'Asilo Pio XII is a small deconsecrated mid 20th century school chapel at Via Pietro Ottoboni 9, just south of the Via Tibutina and east of the Tiburtina train station. This is in the suburb of Portonaccio, part of the Collatino quarter.

History Edit

This chapel is north of San Giuseppe Artigiano a Via Tiburtina, and was in that church's parish. It was erected in 1945 as part of the Asilo Pio XII, apparently a nursery school.

The edifice was deconsecrated when the school was shut and converted into commercial premises, but has not been much altered.

Appearance Edit

The chapel is part of a low, flat-roofed building rendered in a faded beige, and is marked by a triangular pediment attached to the roofline on the left hand side. Below this is a wide doorway surmounted by a recessed horizontal rectangular window.

This must have been a public chapel, as an empty campanile bell-cote with a space for one bell in its tall round-headed opening is on the roofline to the right of the pediment. This has a little tiled cap, with a transverse gable.

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