Gesù, Maria e Giuseppe was a little 17th century devotional oratory attached to the convent of Gesù e Maria, with an address at Via del Babuino 153 in the rione Campo Marzio. The site is now occupied by the English Protestant church of All Saints.The dedication was to the Holy Family.


When the Discalced Augustinian friars at Gesù e Maria finished building their new church in 1636, they demolished the old church of Sant'Antonio Abate which had stood on the Via del Babuino and built an extension of the convent over the site. Part of this included a new small oratory.

Originally it seems that the oratory was a private convent chapel, but by the time of the Nolli map of 1738 it was occupied by the Confraternita di Gesù, Maria e Giuseppe

After the convent was sequestered by the Italian government in 1873, the oratory was abandoned and was demolished in 1883 to make way for the new Protestant church of All Saints.


The entrance to the oratory is marked by the left hand side of the present church façade.


The oratory had a simple rectangular plan, with a semi-circular apse. It was oriented exactly west to east, as was the convent church of Gesù e Maria, and hence was at an angle to the street. Very unusually, the street entrance was into the right hand side of the apse; this hints that there was no public entrance originally.

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