Domenico Fontana (born 1543, died 1607 was Pope Sixtus V's chief architect. He completed the Pope's great urban redesign, and in that regard he is especially remembered for moving and re-erecting the obelisk in the Piazza San Pietro.

His masterpiece, the Palazzo Lateranense, was completed in 1586. Among other major works are the Salone Sistone in the Vatican Library (15871589), the Ospizio dei Cento Preti (1587) and many churches and chapels.

Churches and chapelsEdit

Among the churches and chapels Fontana worked on are:

Church Work Date
San Giovanni in Laterano Designed portico
San Luigi dei Francesi Completed the church
Santa Maria Maggiore Tomb of Nicholas IV, Blessed Sacrament Chapel/Sistine Chapel
San Pietro in Vaticano Completed the dome, Piazza San Pietro
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