Corpus Domini a Massimina is a mid 20th century parish church at Via Giuseppe Vanni 53 in the suburb of Massimina in the Castel di Guido zone. It is south of the Via Aurelia, and west of the Grande Raccordo Anulare (Circonvallazione Settentrionale).

The dedication is to the Body of Christ in the Eucharist.

This church is in the municipality of Rome, but belongs to the diocese of Porto Santa Rufina.

History Edit

The parish was founded in 1968, and the church built immediately. It was given into the care of the Rogationists in 2016.

Exterior Edit

This is an unpretentious building, on a rectangular plan and rather low and with its left hand side wall facing the street. The walls are rendered in an orange-yellow above a limestone slab dado, and the roof is pitched and tiled with two transverse skylight strips.

To the right and at the back the church is enclosed by a L-shaped flat-roofed ancillary block in white concrete. This has a tower campanile at the far left hand corner of the church, formed of white concrete slabs. There are two storeys like rectangular tubes, the upper fitting into the lower and being open at the sides. The bells hang from horizontal struts in this. The top is a slab with a steep slope.

The façade has a horizontal floating canopy in the form of a concrete slab supported by two horizontal concrete beams. Above is a round window in a white frame in the form of a four-pointed star.

Interior Edit

The interior walls are in large exposed bricks of a yellowish colour, set in a thick grey mortar.

The sanctuary is delimited by a large but simple triumphal arch in the same brickwork, flanked by two smaller arches. The free-standing altar is on a raised platform, and has a frontal showing a carved relief of The Last Supper. On the wall behind is another relief showing The Supper at Emmaus, and this incorporates the tabernacle.

Liturgy Edit

Sunday Masses are at 18:00 (Saturday), 8:30, 11:00 and 18:00.

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