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The manual of style contains guidelines on how to edit and write new articles on this wiki. If you have suggestions for changes, you can edit this page, or if the changes are major, use the talk page to discuss them.

Naming articlesEdit

  • Articles on churches should always be named with the Italian name of the church. The reason for this is simply that very few churches have an official name in another language. Redirects from commons names in other languages can easily be added to make navigation easier for readers.
  • Articles on saints should be named with the English form of the name of the person, without a preceding "St", "St." or "Saint". This will make it easier to know what to look for, since as you can see the title can be written in a number of different names. Redirects should be set up from the Italian form of the name.
  • Articles on cardinals should be names without the title "Cardinal" before or within the name.
  • Articles on popes should be named without a preceding title, with the English form of the name and with Roman numerals. Redirects can be made from the Italian and Latin forms of the name.

Articles on churchesEdit

All articles on churches should have the template Infobox church at the top. This will give readers basic information about the church at a glance.

See also Categorization.

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