Churches of Rome Wiki

The Churches of Rome Wiki is a guide to the art, architecture and history of the hundreds of churches found in Rome.

It is intended as a useful tool for pilgrims and tourists wishing to plan a trip, or to find information about the churches they have visited. And it should be useful to students of art, architecture, church history and related studies. Since all text in the wiki is released under the GNU Free Documentation License, anyone can copy, modify and reuse the texts for any purpose.

In addition to information on the churches themselves, the wiki is intended to contain articles about related subjects, such as popes, saints, artists and terms encountered in the descriptions of churches.

Since this is a wiki, anyone can contribute to it by edition the articles or writing new ones.

Since the information presented on this wiki may be used by readers, contributors should always strive for accuracy. However, unlike projects such as Wikipedia, objectivity is not an absolute demand. As a contributor you can write that a work of art or a church is beautiful, if you think so. Should other contributors disagree, you can discuss it, but there is nothing wrong with having subjective opinions here.

This is not, strictly speaking, a Christian wiki. But it is a wiki where a very large proportion of the readers are Christians who read this to plan a pilgrimage. Therefore, the Christian faith must be treated with respect in the articles. Note that, while Catholic churches will obviously dominate the wiki, it is meant as a guide to all churches in Rome, including non-Catholic denominations.

To browse the historic churches, see the list of historic churches. There is a comprehensive, very long list of Catholic churches. Unfortunately, there is no list available yet of non-Catholic churches in Rome.